High Vibrational Foods

By Martine te Kloese. Specialist in naturopathy, orthomolecular and natural nutrition

In the interest of enhancing the collective consciousness of humanity, we each need to concentrate on raising our individual frequency levels. Among other things, this will involve becoming more aware of the kind of foods we eat. Then, we’ll need to take that a step farther by realizing that we’re more than just the physical body we use to maintain ourselves in our third-dimensional-world.

The Ethical Aspect

From a holistic point of view, we’re much more than just a physical body. We also have seven etheric bodies and many energy fields (The Subtle Body, by Cindy Dale) that emanate from our physical bodies in ascending levels. These bodies are also in need of food to remain strong and balanced. When we talk about suitable foods to accomplish this then, we must not only consider the nutritional value of the foods, but there’s an ethical aspect as well. Our ethical bodies are influenced by spiritual components like respect and intention. The respect is for Gaia -our mother Earth- who shares her physical and energetic wealth with us. She must always be considered. This also includes a respect for animals who are forced to share their milk, honey and eggs or even their most valuable possession; life. By the same token, foods produced with a respect for nature, the seasons, the careful maintenance of the earth, te quality of the water used and the lack of harsh chemicals, will enhance our vibration levels.

Our intentions also play a big part in the raising of our vibrations. We have to ask ourselves: Is this food I’m about to eat made with love or just to make money? It goes without saying that, in the latter case, a much lower vibration will be experienced. We can assume that processed foods —which have been constructed from pre-processed, low-cost and often poisonous ingredients— are harmful to our physical bodies and will considerably lower our vibration.


A huge part of our challenge with vibrations lies in the unawareness of most people. We live in a world immersed in an illegal economy and we’re surrounded by garish and unenlightened supermarkets. We’re often too busy to put much thought into what we eat and we’re addicted to the idea of processed and fast foods, which have little or no nutritional value and even contain harmful ingredients like GMO, preservatives and a host of other unmentionables.

Meat and fish

Eating animals reduces our vibration. Period. Most of us don’t want to hear this because meat is very tasty and something we’ve been eating since time began. But the bad vibrations caused by the fear and pain of our inexcusable killing processes and untenable husbandry make meat unsuitable for those people who truly want to raise their energy frequencies. This statement can be softened somewhat by eating meat that has lived in the wild or has had a good life on an organic farm. This will lower our vibration less, but still not directly contribute to higher frequencies.


Eating meat should be a sacred event; not something we do without thought or thankfulness. After all, no living creature gives up its life willingly. On the other hand, no two people are alike, and some people need a little meat for their physical body to function properly. It doesn’t, however, have to be a large amount. Everyone has the choice to choose the best quality of meat– which means meat that has had the most respect in both their life and their death.

Dairy, eggs and honey

The same rules apply to dairy, eggs and honey. When we use these products, we’re taking in something that is not meant for us. Milk is intended for young animals still drinking from their mothers and honey belongs to the bees who worked so hard to collect it. To put it bluntly, the use of milk and honey is nothing less than stealing something that belongs to other creatures on our planet. However, it’s not as black and white as some people would like us to believe. Again, we are dealing with different vibration levels. The vibration level derived from common dairy products, eggs and honey has a less deleterious effect on our vibrations than that of meat because it doesn’t cost a life. But it still lowers our vibrations.

When food is produced or collected with a great deal of respect for the essence of the animal, it can still be vibration enhancing. This would involve products that offer a high nutritive value. For example, in the case of raw honey, when the beekeeper does not take all the bee’s honey, and gives the bees a high nutritive winter diet so their immune system remains intact. Or raw, organic milk from cows with a normal milk yield where the calf is allowed sufficient milk. And then there are organic and free range eggs from small-scale poultry farmers. To obtain these products you’ll want to start looking in your local environment. It’s the old adage: “Seek and ye shall find.”

Fruits and vegetables

In the production of fruits and vegetables, great care needs to be taken. The composition of the soil, the quality of the water, and sufficient time for the produce to ripen are critical. When fruits and vegetables are produced in harmony with nature, we are dealing with vibration-enhancing foods. And then, the sooner it gets from the ground or from the tree to your plate, the better. This is why locally produced seasonal products are preferable to imported products. And finally, food that has been prepared with lots of love and attention offers a higher frequency than food that has been mass-produced. It’s also important to eat a variety of different products and use different cooking methods. In the summer, more can be eaten raw, but in colder climates, people can benefit from tasteful, cooked dishes.

Wild foods

It’s wise to build your diet around products that you can find in nature. Through food bank groups and foraging sites on the web you can learn a lot about this. Buy a few books about edible plants and try your hand at growing your own. Each continent has its own unique wild plants that can be used in salads, like nuts, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables. When you’re planting, be careful to find a location that’s a suitable distance from highways, airports and industrial waste sites. It’s also wise to steer clear of places where many dogs are walked. Soak and wash all produce with a good natural vegetable wash to remove dirt, parasites and small insects. Anything grown with care or in the wild has the highest nutritive and vibrational value and therefore nourishes both the physical and the etheric bodies.

Home gardening

Home gardening is a lovely way to reconnect with nature. To observe the plant growing from tiny seeds awakens you to the wonderful miracle of life. You don’t necessarily need to invest a lot of money or have lots of space to start. It’s fun to recycle tubes, sacks, buckets and old pots that you can find in second hand stores or garden sales. Vertical gardening can create amazing results in small environments. It’s very comforting to eat fresh foods you have produced by yourself, because you can be sure they’re clean and loaded with loving vibrations.

Nutrition for our etheric bodies

We can provide our etheric bodies with food by constantly creating positive/loving feelings and intentions and getting out into nature. And we can focus on everything that’s beautiful, like music and art and literature. On the other hand, things like war games, violent, noise, fear-filled movies, negative programs and news with a lot of death and violence can create negative vibrations.

The ultimate food for our etheric body, however, would have to be loving interactions between people and plants and animals. This is the ultimate food for our hearts and souls.

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