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Prepare for Change Radio Show Date and InterviewerClick the link to listen to the Interview with our Guests:Written Transcript(s)Biography Page with Links to the transcripts and the Audio File
February 22, 2015 with Judi, Raissa and Angel EyesCobra Transcripts: English, FrenchBiography
March 01, 2015 with Judi Amber ChaseDave Norwoods and DovNo TranscriptBiography
March 08, 2015 Judi Amber ChaseDov: Environmental/ Musician ArtistNo TranscriptBiography
March 15, 2015 with Judi Amber ChaseDovNo TranscriptBiography
March 22, 2015 with Judi Amber Chase and DovGordon Asher DavidsonTranscripts: English. German, MandarinBiography
April 05, 2015 with Angel EyesDanesh KashikarNo TranscriptBiography
April 26, 2015 with Angel EyesRainbow Thunder HeartNo TranscriptBiography
May 03, 2015 with DovPrageet Harris and JulianneNo TranscriptBiography
May 24, 2015 Angel EyesLarry Dean HunterNo TranscriptBiography
May 31, 2015 with Angel EyesAnina ThaiyeNo TranscriptBiography
June 07, 2015 with Angel EyesDoron Kutash, Samar Shaw and Cliff BarkleyNo TranscriptBiography
June 21, 2015 Judi Amber ChaseReverend Michael CarterNo TranscriptBiography
June 28, 2015 with Angel EyesSteven Paul and a Doctor of Natural HealingNo TranscriptBiography
July 12, 2015 withUntwineNo TranscriptUntwine Biography
August 02, 2015 with Angel EyesDorothy DonahueNo TranscriptBiography
August 09, 2015 with Angel EyesAlex CollierNo TranscriptBiography
August 16, 2015 with Angel EyesDr. Simon AtkinsNo TranscriptBiography
August 23, 2015 with Angel EyesFlorian BoschiNo TranscriptBiography
August 30, 2015 with Angel EyesCobraTranscripts:
September 6, 2915 with Angel EyesSerah D'LaineNo TranscriptBiography
September 13, 2015 with Angel-EyesDr. David DauerNo TranscriptBiography
September 20, 2015 with Angel EyesEd SpinaNo TranscriptBiography
September 27, 2015 with Angel EyesDan Rogers and Frank CousineauNo TranscriptBiography
October 04, 2015 with Angel EyesFrank CunyNo TranscriptBiography
October 18, 2015 with Angel Eyes and Richard ChangCobra: The Disclosure Chronicles - The Creation - Part 1 An Interview by Prepare for ChangeTranscriptBiography